Places I Visit

Here are some of my favourite haunts on the web.  

Small Things is one of my near-daily visits. Ginny’s photography, writing, and values all resonate strongly with my heart, and she is always source of everyday grace and inspiration.

I love the Zero Waste Chef’s determination and creativity. She inspires me to question my consumption habits, and makes really great food. 

Rachel’s outlook on A Mother Far From Home is both refreshing and challenging. She has lots of motherhood advice and ideas, and somehow replies to every comment despite having five children! 

I wish Amy Green of The Monday Heretic was my friend. But I’ll settle for reading her blog posts on life, faith, and culture.

Anne (with an “e”!) at Modern Mrs. Darcy has great book recommendations and planning resources. 

And xkcd is just for fun. 

My friend Tara writes occasionally at Girl In a Tree. When I met her, she and her husband were living in a Boler trailer 6×10 feet square. Then they lived in a yurt of their own building for a few years. They are my heroes. 

Having recently discovered Mama OT’s blog, I have found it an excellent resource for the occupation of parenting and supporting my child’s physical skill-building. 

For creative inspiration and admiration, I like to visit The Purl Bee

If you knit or crochet, and haven’t joined Ravelry yet, I would highly recommend it as a source for patterns, tips, and inspiration. 


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