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Me Made May Reflections

I think I shared about this before, but when I really got into sewing last year, Me Made May was in the back of my mind as a tentative goal for my handmade wardrobe. Previous to this sewing craze, I lived for a really long time on hand-me-downs and thrift store finds - and don't… Continue reading Me Made May Reflections

2018 Make Nine · creativity · sewing

Sewing the Stasia Dress

For anyone who may have gotten an overly positive impression from my sewing posts – things do not always go according to my fabulous plans. And the error (and subsequent frustration) usually lies with me. Alas, this project has ended up being one of those. I should say that I don't believe the fault lies… Continue reading Sewing the Stasia Dress

2018 Make Nine · creativity · sewing

Sewing the Lou Box with Ruffle Hem

Again, another project that I've been meaning to post about for a while. I technically finished this just before the start of May, so I'm on the fence about including it in my Me-Made pledge.Β  I've been seeing more and more of this kind of shirt recently, and after finding a tutorial by Maddie Made… Continue reading Sewing the Lou Box with Ruffle Hem

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Five Wee Sweaters

The theme of my knitting the past few months has definitely been sweaters. After calling it quits on my White Pine Sweater (I'll come back one day, really!), I moved on to some teensy sweaters to get my knit-wit back again. (Like sew-jo? You know?) Among Christopher's colleagues, three are expecting babies in the next… Continue reading Five Wee Sweaters