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Sewing the Bonn Shirt

I've been thinking about sewing a button-down shirt for a while now, and had put the Cheyenne Tunic on my 2018 Make Nine list.Β Then Allie of Indie Sew was wearing an awesome Bonn Shirt in an Instagram story in January, and I liked it so much that I messaged her to ask which pattern it… Continue reading Sewing the Bonn Shirt

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Things That Are Bringing Me Joy

This previous week was surprisingly difficult for me. No one thing in particular made it so, but many little things added up to make for a heavy heart and scattered mind. We've not had a lot of margin in our lives since Christmas, sometimes by necessity, and sometimes by choice, and I was feeling it… Continue reading Things That Are Bringing Me Joy

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Five Wee Sweaters

The theme of my knitting the past few months has definitely been sweaters. After calling it quits on my White Pine Sweater (I'll come back one day, really!), I moved on to some teensy sweaters to get my knit-wit back again. (Like sew-jo? You know?) Among Christopher's colleagues, three are expecting babies in the next… Continue reading Five Wee Sweaters

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Seven Things That Are Bringing Me Joy

The past week has not been a great one. It's not been awful, but it's one of those weeks that just wasn't great either - we've been busy with appointments and evening commitments, I've been snappish with the kids, and sleep has been hard. I really want to use this joy list as an intentional… Continue reading Seven Things That Are Bringing Me Joy