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2018 Make Nine Sewing Plans

If you're a sewist, maybe you've heard of the Make Nine hashtag. For those of you who haven't seen it, this bit of genius is from Rochelle of Home Row Fiber Co. She started it by accident in 2015, and it's just kept gathering speed since. She has more information and guidance for anyone wanting… Continue reading 2018 Make Nine Sewing Plans

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Five Things That Are Bringing Me Joy

  I acknowledge the goodness of giving thanks! And gathering together, even just for a moment's reflection, the things (and people, books, ideas, or moments) that have shaped me in the last season, that have brought me greater knowledge, more comfort, deeper joy. So here are five things I'm loving right now:   I just… Continue reading Five Things That Are Bringing Me Joy

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Crafting and the Library (Finally!!)

I finally got my library card sorted out, and I can now put things on hold online. What a thrilling event that is!! All the books, at my fingertips! Browsing the online catalogue is a little less romantic than walking the stacks, and there's less opportunity for serendipity, but with two small people in tow… Continue reading Crafting and the Library (Finally!!)

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Crafting: Returning to the Needles! 

The knitting needles, that is. I guess my previous frustrations with my City Gym Shorts have given me just the (de)motivation I needed to return to knitting. So now I am swatching for Andrea Mowry's White Pine sweater! It's funny, my first sweater for myself, a cardigan, was also a pattern called White Pine. Do… Continue reading Crafting: Returning to the Needles!