About Steph Joy

This is me! No, not the bearded one. That’s Christopher. I’m the other one. Stephanie Joy. And the two little ones are the Bean and baby Bird. 

Welcome to Taking Root! I started this blog in 2014 as a place to talk about my apprenticeship at The Table Church, discipline myself to develop my writing voice, and stay in touch with my loved ones across the country. That was a great year. When I stopped working to take care of our baby, the blog changed to reflect my everyday life as a creative Jesus-follower, exploring themes of marriage, motherhood, and community life. There’s also a very hearty dose of knitting, which has become my favourite way to unwind at the end of the day. 

There’s a gentle irony to the name I originally chose for this blog – Taking Root. Our first year of family-hood was spent on the road, around the province and further afield; the very opposite of being rooted in one place! I’ve been challenged to think more metaphorically about what is “taking root” in my life during all these transitions: The act of rooting myself in relationships and communities is one of the hardest and most  vulnerable callings I have been given. I long for my heart to be more deeply rooted in Jesus, also – rooted in his secure love for me and his heart for others. We are learning to root our family identity in things we can carry with us – routines, rituals, rhythms, music, books, and liturgy. 

Look around this blog and you’ll see that I like to make stuff. And cook stuff. And read stuff. And eat stuff. You know, lots of stuff. I also try to support my husband, who is studying medicine, with meals and love and laundry and sanity breaks.

Thanks for reading all these words about me.