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Seven Things That Are Bringing Me Joy


The past week has not been a great one. It’s not been awful, but it’s one of those weeks that just wasn’t great either – we’ve been busy with appointments and evening commitments, I’ve been snappish with the kids, and sleep has been hard. I really want to use this joy list as an intentional moment to reflect, remind myself of where the joy is in my life, and reset for the coming week.

This reflect and reset practice comes from one of my favourite things right now – my daily planner from Sacred Ordinary Days. I love everything about this planner, right down to the colour, but last night specifically I appreciated its weekly examen practice, for bringing me back to centre, and giving me a chance to reset for the coming week. Christopher and I have started the practice of a Sunday night check-in, where we use the examen to reflect on the last week and make goals for the next, using different categories (mind, body, spirit, relationships, etc.), pray together, then do ridiculously practical things like compare schedules, determine which days which person needs the car, update our online budget, etc. Having a solid grasp of the week ahead relieves me from anxiety, and prayerfully sets my focus on how I want to be growing, not just reacting, in the upcoming week. Sometimes I can’t believe it’s taken us this long to get into this as a regular habit!!  But I am immensely grateful for it right now.

I am so grateful for that little bit of extra light each day, even if it’s still grey and rainy most of the time. I’ve repositioned a chair and side table by the back door so as to get the most afternoon light possible when I sit there during the girls’ naptime. (I’m sitting there right now!)

The library, and quality children’s books. This last haul we got is full of great books.

I love that we can hear the Chase River from our back porch. It’s such an alive sound, especially with the water so high from the winter rains.

I am so, so thankful for how supportive Christopher’s program supervisor and staff are. We had a moment of anxiety over an upcoming rotation, and they were so quick to pursue solutions on our behalf, and resolved it much more quickly than I expected.

In this current season, I rarely bake anything but the essentials (bread, granola, and more bread), but as I prepared for a small gathering on Saturday I felt like I had rediscovered the meditative art of baking, as well as its tasty results! I made some Pecan Tassies, orange curd tarts, mini quiches, and these sweet potato appetizers. By popular vote, I think the Pecan Tassies were the biggest hit.

Despite my rough patches with the Bean this past week, our snuggly moments before nap and bedtimes have been such a delight. I love hearing more and more of her thoughts, and witnessing her learn about the world. I need to hold on to that during the day!!

That’s seven, which seems like a good place to stop. I would love to hear what’s bringing joy in your life right now.


With joy,



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