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2018 Make Nine for the Family


So last week I posted about my 2018 Make Nine for my own handmade wardrobe. I do mostly sew and knit for myself right now, but I like to mix in a few things for my husband and two daughters. I’ve got a million more ideas of quick projects to make for our home (canvas baskets! a wall-hanging of art pockets! lavender sachets! hankies!), but these nine are the key projects I would love to complete for specific family members this year:

Fat Kitty Sweater (sans Fat Kitty), from Justine Turner

Full confession – I already finished this! But it’s nice to be able to check one thing off already. I took the Fat Kitty pattern (a fairly standard top-down raglan sweater) and omitted the intarsia kitty, then added some sweet little felted heart elbow patches. This is for my younger daughter, who just turned one! You can find my Ravelry notes here. 

Apron Pinafore Dress 

I traced a reversible apron dress pattern from a library book which I have since returned, and I can’t remember which book it was, nor can I find the instructions which I scanned so intelligently. So I’m going to use the pattern pieces and cobble together my construction using various online tutorials like this one. This is for my two and a half year old, who already has a fond-ness for dressing up and quirky details like big pockets.

Baby Doll Carrier

Afore-mentioned toddler loves to take care of her baby doll, and we’ve rigged up various carriers from swaddling blankets and tea towels in the past, but I think it’s about time I sewed her a functional mini version of my Ergo. There are a bunch of tutorials easily available on Pinterest that are perfect for stash-busting my random quilting cottons in fun prints.

Purl Soho Baby Bonnet

By the time the summer sun is out, I’d like to make one or two of these awesome baby bonnets for the one year old. Seeing as how her head is already nearly as big as my 2.5 year old, maybe they will both get one. Again, I’ve got some beautiful floral voile leftover from other projects that would work well for this.

Men’s Hudson Pants

Ok, this is a big one – I will have to buy both the fabric and the pattern for these fitted sweats/casual pants, and fit them to my husband… but I am convinced that once he puts them on, he will never want to take them off. I might leave this one for a while, until I am ready for it. Maybe even next year’s Christmas gift?

Toddler Bathrobes

One of the reasons I want to make the girls bathrobes is because of the book One Morning In Maine, by Robert McCloskey. If you’ve read it, you’ll know that the sisters Sal and Jane wear their bathrobes when they get up in the morning. This scene has fascinated my toddler, who I am sure would be tickled pink to have a bathrobe of her own. Most of the kid’s bathrobes I spot at the thrift store tend towards the short and fluffy side, which isn’t practical in my books. I’m planning to make these out of some old flannel sheets, using a self-drafted pattern (Melly Sews has a tutorial for kids’ bathrobes).

Toddler Socks – knitting two socks at the same time, in the round method!

I’ve been wanting to try this method of sock knitting for a while, so as to avoid the dreaded Second Sock Paralysis Syndrome. Toddler socks nicely use up leftover wool, and are quick to make, so I can get a sense of the method without taking ages. Plus, the girls always need more socks.

Knitted Cardigan – a mini White Pine

Two years ago I made myself a White Pine Cardigan out of cranberry coloured wool. I still have two balls left and would love to make a matching one for my daughter, including the cable panels somehow! This will take quite a bit of planning, but the outcome will be super fun.

One More Geranium Dress

I bought the Made By Rae Geranium Dress pattern just as she released her expansion pack, but I swore to myself that I would use the basic pattern five times before allowing myself to buy the expansion pack. I’ve made four already (one dress from thrifted rayon, and three matching tops out of organic interlock), so after this last one I can get all the sleeves, bows, and waist embellishments my heart desires.

That’s it for my Make Nine Family! Here’s to sewing!!

– Steph


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