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Crafting and the Library (Finally!!)

I finally got my library card sorted out, and I can now put things on hold online. What a thrilling event that is!! All the books, at my fingertips! Browsing the online catalogue is a little less romantic than walking the stacks, and there’s less opportunity for serendipity, but with two small people in tow nowadays I’m all about the walk in, walk out method for the sake of everyone’s sanity anyway. So while I’m still slowly reading Long Days of Small Things, I’ve added a summer novel (Midnight in Austenland), and a non-fiction (Jon Krakauer’s latest, Missoula) to my book pile.
As to knitting, I finally got to casting on my White Pine sweater, and got through the short rows at the back of the neck. It’s not far, but it’s a start. Do you appreciate how I neglected to sweep away the grains of rice that were on my floor before taking this photo? Yes, I do too.

Joining with Nicole over at Frontier Dreams for her Crafting On link-up.


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