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Crafting: Returning to the Needles! 

The knitting needles, that is. I guess my previous frustrations with my City Gym Shorts have given me just the (de)motivation I needed to return to knitting. So now I am swatching for Andrea Mowry’s White Pine sweater! It’s funny, my first sweater for myself, a cardigan, was also a pattern called White Pine. Do I like trees? I guess so. I bought the wool for it from Christopher’s aunt’s shop back in January, but knew I couldn’t tackle it with such a young baby. Now that everything is a little more regular in our house, I’m feeling ready for a big project, learning new techniques, etc. Plus I’ve discovered that I can’t exactly take my sewing machine to the couch on the rare occasions we watch some tv – I need something for my hands to do again! (Our most recent watch was…Moana. Really. On our own, as adults. No kids involved. But it was definitely fun. And not too taxing for these sleep-deprived brains. We’re fans of Alan Tudyk, so every scene with the rooster in it was just gold.) 

I also finally got my library card up and running online, so I can browse the catalogue and put things on hold from home. I had been putting it off, because fiddly account things like that annoy me, but in the end it only took five minutes! If time is money, those five minutes not taken earlier feel like expensive ones. While waiting for my holds to come through, I’ve been reading this old copy of L M Montgomery’s The Blue Castle, published 1926. This copy was given as a gift to a girl in Nipigon, Ontario, Christmas 1944, according to the transcription in the front leaf. And the other book I’ve been browsing through, on the origins of Cohousing in Denmark, and the first projects that were built there in the 60s and 70s. 

Linking with Nicole of Frontier Dreams for her Crafting On Tuesdays. 


2 thoughts on “Crafting: Returning to the Needles! 

  1. Yay! I just recently picked up the blue castle too, in a super old vintage copy that i had as a child, and i don’t think i’ve read it before! Glad you’re back to knitting. 🙂

    1. What? No way! I had no idea it existed until I picked it up last week – it’s so lovely!! I’m definitely needing to expand my LMMontgomery reading beyond Anne books. 🙂

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