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Feels Like Summer (and a Crafting Roadblock)

It’s been feeling really summery this past week. Christopher’s sister came for a visit and we went for an evening swim at Westwood Lake. We’ve been putting in more of the garden, tomatoes and squash, and all our beans are coming up! It’s so thrilling to see that first pushing up of the soil and the following green sprout. We’ve been enjoying the lettuces, radishes, and herbs already, and I’m hoping to pull some baby carrots within a few weeks. I finally got all of our dripline irrigation down tonight, after the girls were in bed, but it was too dark to take photos. Next time! 🙂 

I worked all through the girls’ naptime today to finish my City Gym Shorts…and here’s the sad story: when I originally went to buy a bias tape maker at our local fabric supply shop, they didn’t have the size I wanted, only one smaller and one bigger. Not wanting to wait, I bought the smaller one because it was slightly closer to the required size. Then I accidentally cut my bias tape just a little on the small side, and thought I could hack it, because I didn’t have enough fabric left to cut new tape…well, lesson learned. The tape wasn’t wide enough to really get a good grip on the fabric it was edging, and as I was finishing up the waistband, it was starting to pull away in places. I’ve put it aside for now, because I’m just not sure what to do next, and I’m a little disappointed. The worst part for me is that one pair was supposed to be for my sister, and now I don’t want to give her something that’s going to fall apart the first time she wears it. I guess this is one of those “measure twice, cut once” moments. Sigh. 


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