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Living More and Little Booties

The last week we spent in Ottawa, celebrating the wedding of my cousin and visiting with family. I took about three photos the whole trip, and although I knit whenever there were quiet moments, I couldn’t quite finish these baby booties in time to give them to another cousin, who is expecting a baby any day now. So I’ll just have to mail them when I’m done! 

My mum found the Living More With Less book at a thrift store. I’ve been wanting my own copy for a long time, so she kindly gave it to me. I love my MCC cookbooks, Simply In Season and the classic More With Less, and use them all the time. Now all I need is Extending the Table and I’ve got a complete set. 

After the booties I’m hoping to get some real sewing done again, since my sister gave me a Farrow Dress pattern and fabric to make it with for my birthday. I might make a muslin out of some navy suiting fabric I’ve had for a while, just to practice. Oh! And Purl Soho’s City Gym Shorts, for both me and my sister. Too many dreams, not enough time – that’s the season we’re in right now, for sure. 

Nicole of Frontier Dreams has her regular Crafting On link up going on – you can check out more creative projects there! 


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