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Crafting and Summer Books

I finished both my Puerperiums with buttons on the weekend. I had planned both colours to be gender neutral but now that the buttons are on I can’t help feeling both have a lady-like quality to them. Probably the pearl buttons?? I’m finding it hard to focus on my Pickwick Papers. This is probably for several reasons: I am much more drawn to Dickens’ tragic heroines, like Esther Summerson or Amy Dorrit, in his later, more serious novels, than I am to the silly Pickwick and his live-for-their-pleasure companions. Pickwick is funny, but there isn’t much plot to follow, and no great tragic morality to move the heart. Also – and this would be true even if it was Little Dorrit I was reading – it’s nearly summer, and I begin to want to read “summer books.” By those I mean the most embarrassing titles on my shelves – the bestsellers, the fluffy romantic novels, the vintage science fiction, the young adult novels…ah, but there is a place for those too, right? (Or maybe I’m just trying to defend an intellectual laziness on my part?) I’m halfway through my second Terry Pratchett of the week, since Christopher’s parents brought down the rest of his books from their house, and am eyeing his Redwall collection too. (Oh I used to love Redwall as a kid! I think my favourite was probably Mariel of Redwall, or perhaps the Pearls of Lutra. I’d read them again just for the descriptions of the food!) What I should do is get better about putting books on hold at the library, and then actually picking them up…with all the spare time I have 🙂 Joining with Nicole at Frontier Dreams for her Crafting On linkup.


5 thoughts on “Crafting and Summer Books

  1. HI – I do hope you will persist with The Pickwick Papers, but I understand your craving for a ‘summer book’. I am actually the author of the novel Death and Mr Pickwick, which tells the story behind the creation of The Pickwick Papers – and if you don’t like The Pickwick Papers because it lacks tragic depth, then let me say that the backstory of The Pickwick Papers is FULL of tragedy. So, I do hope you will take a look at my novel, even if you don’t manage to get all the way through The Pickwick Papers. And as for a summer book…well, Death and Mr Pickwick made the Oprah Winfrey 2015 ‘Best of Summer Fiction’ list, in spite of all that tragedy…..All the best Stephen Jarvis

    1. Wow congratulations on your book!! No offense to C. Dickens, but your book does sound much more interesting than how I am currently finding the Pickwick Papers!! Thanks for taking the time to share. I shall look for your book at our library!

  2. The little sweaters are adorable! I don’t mind some lady like qualities in little (and grown for that matter) guys 😉 I would absolutely dress boys in them.

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