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Cheerful Disorder

I was going to title this post Cheerful Chaos – but then I thought that would be an exaggeration! Christopher’s family was visiting this past week, which gave us the opportunity to tackle a few projects, like prepping the other half of our garden, planting a bunch more, buying a bed for the Bean, sanding it and oiling it and setting it up. It felt like all those projects had thrown the rest of the house into grand disorder, but really it was short work to put everything back to rights, and then I was sorry because the house was empty of visitors again. 

The green grass is almost ridiculous in these photos – but I haven’t edited them at all! The yard just positively glows in the sunshine. In case you wonder what on earth is going on in our garden, we’ve put down a tarp and cardboard over the unplanted parts, in order to keep weeds down. I’m hoping to decrease the work we have to do this summer by some thoughtful steps now – mulching as much as possible, and putting in a drip line for watering. We’ll be buying some tomato plants soon, and planting beans too. 

Isn’t the four-poster bed lovely? It was made by the brother of the man who sold it to us, for his niece eighteen years ago. It needed a bit of cleaning and sanding, but I think it was a great deal given the workmanship that went into it. We’re reading stories in it, but Bean isn’t sleeping in it yet. I spent a few worn-out hours in it last night, after comforting a sobbing, teething Bean around midnight, and I just couldn’t make it back to our room right away. The Bird called me back to nurse soon enough, though…the joys of the little years I suppose. Little Bird is turning into such a sweet, gurgly baby though – how could I resist that smiley face? 

(Some photo credits go to Naomi – thanks sister!!!) 


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