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Me-Made (A Little)


I finished my dress last week, just in time for Me Made May! (I didn’t know what MMMay was until the weekend, when all of the sewing bloggers I follow on Instagram started talking about it. I don’t have many pieces of me-made clothing, certainly not enough to wear something every day for a month, but it sounds like participation is entirely up to the individual so this is my small contribution for now.)

This is diy-drafted off of a dress that my sister handed down to me years ago, which I love, but is not nursing friendly. So I cut the front of my copied dress in two, added a full-length placket, sewed it together from the waist down, and put buttons on it from the waist up. The fabric is something woven that I found at the thrift store a while ago, navy with tan flowers, nice and drapey, vaguely nineties-style (you know the princess seam dress I am thinking of!). I made a tie to go with it, which ended up being too short to tie in a bow, but it’s mostly to gather the dress and I don’t mind that. And pockets! I added in-line pockets, which are great, but I might need to tack them in place because they keep moving about and bunching up on my hips when I walk. (Not the greatest place to have extra fabric, especially post-baby 2.) Some of the hems don’t lie flat, either, but if I were a perfectionist I wouldn’t ever finish anything I guess. 🙂 I’ve worn it three times since finishing it, which is a win!

I have just enough fabric left to either make a drapey tank top (I’m thinking something like the Wiksten tank) or a dress for the Bean. Or maybe I’ll go super cutesy and make matching shirts for both girls?

Other than that, life is mostly about the babies and the outdoors right now. Finding frogs, napping in the spring air, walking  down to the river. I’ve made a personal goal of getting outside every day this month – today found me planting flower seeds in a heavy mist/light rain while the girls napped. I can’t wait for things in the garden to really get going! Except I know that soon after, everything will be growing at such a pace that it will be all I can do to keep up. Spring here is like cresting a hill and rolling down the other side – it starts slow but soon quickens to a blur.


5 thoughts on “Me-Made (A Little)

  1. LOVE your dress. And I love your goal to get outside a little bit each day. I usually do the same but I think being sure I’m intentional about it is going to be a goal for me too. And I so want to learn how to sew. I’m sure I can’t afford to get into another hobby–both financially and with the time investment–but I’m still hoping to learn one day! Beautiful garden spot and yay that warm weather is finding its way to you!

    1. I think if you are already a skilled knitter you will find sewing an easy next step!! Not that all the skills are equivalent, but both need a good sense of garment creation – exercising your mind to see the 3D finished object from instructions on a paper and 2D materials. You’ll love it, when you get to do it!! And yes, I feel you on the hobby budget 🙂 my sewing budget is minisculely meted out and stretched as much as possible with thrifted fabric right now.

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