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Crafting: Road Trip Knitting

I know I said that I was sort of done with knitting for a while after finishing those Tridactyl Mitts…but I knew we would have 30+ hours of driving over the course of our road trip to Alberta, and it would be a good opportunity to knit uninterrupted (except for passing snacks to the backseat or popping the soother back in, of course!). So I knit some baby stash items. I managed to finish my Dove Puerperium, and get to the sleeves of my Goldilocks Puerperium. Maybe I’ll keep a knitting project on the backburner this month, but now that we’re home I have so many sewing projects that excite me! (Is there the equivalent of Ravelry for sewing projects, do you know? I like being able to track my projects and see what other people make.) To start with, I’m sewing a dress for myself, drafting the pattern off of a dress I already own, and using some happy fabric I found at the thrift store before the Bird was born. I can’t remember where it was, but I once read about a woman who breaks up her sewing projects into 15 minute tasks. Fifteen minutes is a short window if I have nowhere to leave my machine set-up, so I’m aiming for half-hour tasks right now – one during nap time, and another after bedtime. I found a very helpful tutorial by a Spanish blogger here, and a little tutorial on how to add pockets to the dress here. Maybe next week I’ll show off the finished project!! 

Still reading The Pickwick Papers, very slowly. I have some other books in the pile that I’m picking up occasionally, like Life Together, The Broken Way, and Loving the Little Years, but there hasn’t been too much solid reading the past two weeks. Since Ginny “bound off” Yarn Along, I’ve been joining with Nicole’s Crafting On link-up here. Happy Tuesday! 


4 thoughts on “Crafting: Road Trip Knitting

  1. I’m really wanting to learn how to sew, too! Not that I have time for another hobby/craft but I have seen some adorable patterns I want to make for my girls. If you look up “farmandfolk” on instagram, she makes some adorable things! ❤

    1. Haha I know right? Since I learned to sew I now have twice the amount of tote bins full of supplies and stash 😀 There are some super cute things out there – I could browse patterns all day!!

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