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Alberta, Alberta


Because we’re a little on the adventurous (crazy?) side, we packed up our girlies and hit the road last Friday, driving across the Rockies in time to spend Easter with my brother and Christopher’s sister in Calgary. It’s amazing how refreshing it feels to get away – really, truly away – from home after a long stretch. Indicative of the last little while, the day before found Bean running around in just her pants and a belly decorated with ink from a stolen pen, wet from pouring her water over herself (again), having bitten her sister twice while I was attempting to pack…all while Christopher spent all but four hours of the day at the hospital finishing his last few emerg shifts. It was like water for our thirsty souls to talk uninterrupted for hours as we drove, marvelling at the mountains, renewing our family vision, refreshing our sense of adventure. We were so distracted that we didn’t take any photos in the Rockies, of course! After the weekend with Uncle Cam and Auntie Stephi in Calgary, we headed west to Alberta Pioneer Camp to visit friends who work there. Pioneer is a very special place for Christopher’s family, and I am glad to finally see it in person. The last photo is Bean sitting beneath a photo of her great grandfather, Babba Joe, who founded the camp and directed it for many years. Both he and the camp itself loom large in what one might call the family mythology, so this week is helping bring some of those stories to life in greater detail for me. Bean, of course, is having a wonderful time tromping about, while little Bird is enjoying hanging with her name twin, just five days older than she is!







5 thoughts on “Alberta, Alberta

  1. Glad you’re having a great, relational – recharging time! I’m interested to hear more about the family links to Pioneer Camp when you get back (I was there once with YL years ago). 🙂
    Blessings – Dave

    1. She was almost as excited about the crowds of kids as she was about the animals! Stephi will tell you that when we first got there she just ran up and down, pointing at everyone and shouting “kids! Kids!!”

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