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A Change on the Wind

Here they are! Ta-da! The finished Tridactyl cycling mitts. They fit pretty well, if I do say so myself, although they have yet to be tested in the field. They can’t be worse than the crocheted fingerless mitts that Christopher has been wearing for the past six years. (Those pre-date my knitting days – that’s funny to think about!) 

As I was finishing up this project, a familiar feeling began to steal over me…I found myself daydreaming and planning, not my next knitting project, but sewing projects, small and large, and some drawing ideas that I want to try. I seem to remember this happening this past spring, and after leaving most of my knitting for several months, I resumed with renewed enthusiasm in the fall. I won’t stop entirely, as I still have a few baby gifts that I want to complete, but I think I am going to focus my free evenings on some sewing projects over the next little while. It’s really too bad that I’ve discovered some great independent pattern designers and amazing online fabric stores just at this time…bad for my budget, I mean!!

I’ve been reading my (first ever!) issue of Taproot. The year’s subscription was a small reward for myself, for surviving my first night alone with the girls when Christopher went back to work and was on an evening call shift at the hospital. I may have spent the majority of that night going back and forth between bedrooms, soothing both girls in turn. Anyway, I’ve really been enjoying it so far, especially its ad-free, beautiful spreads – such a wonderful break from screentime!! 

Joining up with Crafting On over at Frontier Dreams. And, as a bonus, some behind-the-scenes photos from my knitting photoshoot today, where someone is not liking tummy time very much, and another person is greatly enjoying his new mitts (and dislikes being serious for the camera). 


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