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Crafting: Cycling Mitts 

So as I shared last week, Ginny’s beloved Yarn Along link-up has finished, and my weekly craft-share is now with Crafting On, which will in time I am sure become just as beloved in its own way. 

I’m still working away at Christopher’s tridactyl mitts. The second one has been faster, as I haven’t had to measure it on him as often, instead I can just go by the size of the first one. For perspective, that’s my (fairly average-sized) hand in the photo. I’ve just reached the point where I can divide for the claws – should work up pretty quickly now!! I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but maybe next week I’ll be sharing photos of the finished project? 

Still reading Life Tgether and The Pickwick Papers. The latter is very amusing, and I am beginning to better appreciate the references to it made in both Cranford and Little Women (although I am a little surprised that the March girls would have read the book so young – maybe just Jo read it?). 


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