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Yarn Along: New Reads, New Link-Up

When I finish a really good book, a really absorbing read, it often takes me some time afterwards to get into a new book. I need time to savour the finished book, to think over the plot and characters, maybe even mourn its ending a little bit. After finishing two significant reads in the last week, I was finding it difficult to pick up another serious read. I guess this is where my sci-fi and fantasy paperback collection comes in handy – I can pick up one of those, even a good one that I’ve read before, and read it in the gap until I can get excited about my next good book. So last week I may have read a Terry Pratchett or two before pulling The Pickwick Papers off the shelf. (I totally disagree with Marie Kondo when it comes to books, apparently – it’s ok to keep a good book for years without reading it, if you know that one day, given the right frame of mind, you will indeed read it!!) It’s hilarious from page one, and not too verbose as to prevent me from reading it before bed. I also started Life Together, by Dietrich Bonhoeffer – more on that read later, perhaps. 

Onto my second Tridactyl mitt. You can see the funky shape of the first one now! Visit the Yarn Along on Ginny’s blog for the *sniff* last time. Who knows what will be next for weekly project updates – I have certainly been blessed by the Yarn Along community in these past few years! Ginny did send us on to Nicole’s link-up for continuing crafting community, so that’s where I’m at this week. (Not that I’ve moved on so quickly, but it would feel a little empty not to be linking to something crafty now!) I guess my current reads aren’t so necessary for the Keep Calm Craft On link-up, but I’m sure no one will mind. 


6 thoughts on “Yarn Along: New Reads, New Link-Up

  1. I think we have similar tastes in books. Some books are definite fall-backs and I can’t start another book straight away. Sorry to see Yarn-Along come to and end. So many knitting and book recommendations to keep me busy, but I’ll miss the weekly get together.

  2. hello from the yarn along! I was joining for the first time this week, and now its over! 😦 but happy to be meeting fellow crafters at Frontier Dreams. Nice to meet you!~

  3. Nice tridactyl mitten! that’s good you are getting so much reading done! I know it is hard to see Yarn Along go! I will be joining along at frontier dreams as well. I am happy to see that there is a new meeting spot and we can all still connect.

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