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Yarn Along: Claw Two

Joining with Ginny’s Yarn Along as usual. Another week, another slow progress report on Christopher’s Tridactyl mitts. At least now you can see why this pattern is so ideal for cycling mitts! Two claws, each housing two fingers, keep fingers warmer while allowing for more dexterity than a regular mitten. I over-extended the first claw, so I had to rip back an inch or so to get the length right. It was awkward to go backwards with the cabling, but it’s done now and I’m going to be measuring very carefully when I approach the tip of the second claw.

I finished Far From the Madding Crowd last Thursday, just in time to watch it with my neighbours for movie night, and now I want to find more Thomas Hardy to read. In the meantime, still reading Never Let Me Go, and reading short chapters of Loving the Little Years, given to me by a friend last year. I think my need for parenting encouragement has never been greater, and this book offers a wise blend of grace for my shortcomings and mindfulness for my daily challenges. Thank you Tara-lynn!

(And underneath my knitting in this hasty photo you can see our wonderful ratty old couch – originally bought with the intention to recover it, but discretion being the greater part of valour I’ve decided to live with it as is for the foreseeable future. It’s what we call vintage, right?? The bright side is that spills and stains really don’t bother me.)


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