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  Nurse Stumps and a Weekend

When we lived in Victoria during Christopher’s time at medical school, almost every Thursday night we would go to dinner at Colin and Tara-lynn’s, along with a bunch of other residents and their families. It’s been two years since most of us moved away, to residency locations, or, in our case, fourth year on the road followed by residency in Nanaimo. But every year since we’ve gathered for a weekend retreat together on Keats Island, at the beautiful Barnabas Landing. This was the third annual gathering; it’s a weekend to connect, to relax, to unplug. And now all four couples have kids – five little girlies total, and two more babies on the way – it’s definitely brought up the energy level of the weekend! I am so grateful for these friends, for their deep devotion to Christ, and their continuing love for us through the wild rides of marriage, medical school, parenthood, and residency. Here’s to everywhere God leads  us in the next three years.   

Having grown up on the East Coast, I am constantly amazed at the richness of the ecosystems here in BC. On our walk that weekend, I was fascinated by all the nurse stumps and logs in an old logging block. These are dead and decaying trees upon which new trees begin to grow. Over time, the old tree rots away, sometimes leaving the roots of the new tree suspended in the air between the trunk and the ground. By the way, none of these photos are edited – the colours are just that vibrant, especially those greens!!

And the first few photos were taken by Auntie Naomi last week – it’s nice to have a few of me and the girls, since I am usually the one behind the camera.


One thought on “  Nurse Stumps and a Weekend

  1. You can’t beat a weekend away. Such lovely pictures. I particularly love the ones in the forest, I almost expected a T Rex to appear. The one of the little ones hanging over the pier to see the water is so sweet. God bless you all.

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