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Yarn Along: Not Very Far

I’m barely knitting enough to merit a Yarn Along update post. Well, I did cast on another Puerperium sweater in the car this weekend. I’ve already noticed a mistake in it but it’s minor and I’m not going to worry about fixing it. (Too many rows between buttonholes.) The Tridactyl gloves are still waiting for me to get through the ribbing on the first one…and Christopher asks me every day that he rides his bike to work whether they are done yet. Oops. 
I’m loving both my books right now, Far From the Madding Crowd, and Never Let Me Go. With Lent beginning today, I’ve been considering whether I should read something special, but I never seem to plan these things far enough in advance – this season especially so – and I’ll probably figure that out in the next week or so. 

Joining with Ginny, as usual, for her Yarn Along link-up. 


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