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Yarn Along: Tridactyl Mitts

So this photo is pretty indicative, I feel, of the last week or so at our house. Not many spare minutes for knitting, or even just a photo, without a little person interrupting. I didn’t get beyond taking a photo this morning, between baby naps and diaper changes, then everything was put on hold this afternoon so I could take Bean in to the doctor and then the hospital on suspicion of a fractured arm (it wasn’t, thank goodness). This is the season we are deep deep into, and I am slowly learning to release some of my expectations about what I can do, in favour of slowness and gentleness. 

Anyway, I finished the knitted breast for my midwives, and started some cycling mitts for Christopher. I never enjoy 1×1 ribbing, so I will be glad when I’ve made it to the hand part. Still reading Far From the Madding Crowd, but it was in the bedroom where the baby was sleeping, so I only took a picture of my new secondary read, Never Let Me Go. I’ve read it at least twice before, but it’s still good another time around. Joining with Ginny’s Yarn Along link-up, as usual. 


5 thoughts on “Yarn Along: Tridactyl Mitts

  1. I love reading your posts. My youngest baby is 10yo and your writing is so evocative, bringing memories of younger years. You sound like a wonderful mum.

  2. hang in there!!! it will get easier to juggle the littles, just give yourself time to heal/adjust. (as i’ve been interrupted about 5 times before being able to finish this sentence!) 😉

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