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Yarn Along: A Reader’s Confessions

I’m just a few stitches, base, and stuffing away from a completed boob for my midwives. It was a quick and easy knit, and I am definitely considering making a second one. The lactation consultant who wrote the pattern recommends making several of different shapes and sizes, since women are different, obviously! Plus they are just fun to make. I’m still working on Thomas Hardy, and have picked up Heart of Darkness for my *ahem* secondary read. Confession time – I usually have two books on the go. One is beside my bed and I read it before bedtime…the other sits in the bathroom, and you can guess when I read it. I know this grosses some people out, and from a hygiene perspective I assure you I am not proud of this habit! But to tell the truth, I probably read more of the book in the bathroom because I have more opportunities throughout the day pick away at it…one page at a time, several times a day. It’s my precious few moments to myself, that is, until the Bean lets herself in to “wash” something inappropriate in the sink, like her pyjamas or a book. And as long as I value the time spent reading more than I deplore the hygiene, this unfortunate habit will probably continue…whew! Confession over. What are you creating or reading this week? Joining with Ginny as usual for the Yarn Along linkup. 


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