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Back to Quiet

We are back to quiet days here. Christopher went back to work yesterday and I am focusing on getting our days into a sustainable rhythm without him. I am so thankful for the way everything worked out with the timing of this baby, and especially for the time he took off to be at home with us. I know it’s not everybody’s experience or ability, to have their partner at home for the first month after their baby is born (it certainly wasn’t ours with the Bean). Without making too much out of it, I just want to say I really miss him already. That was the longest continuous stretch of being with each other all day we have ever had, not counting our honeymoon trip, and it was a wonderful reminder of why I like him so much. 

Last weekend, before he was due back at work, I was somewhat frantically trying to sketch out new daily and nightly rhythms for us as a family of four. I can’t say we have achieved the ideal set up yet, haha (I have to remind myself that it is only day two!), but I know from experience that having at least some kind of structure is necessary for my long term sanity and stamina. And sleep! This little Bird is not as great at sleeping as her sister was, so every minute of coordinated sleep is like gold to me right now. 

It has been snowing since Friday but I haven’t really taken any photos of it. Bean isn’t really into playing in the snow – friends tell me this will probably change when she is a little older – and without Daddy there to wrangle the toddler I am a bit nervous about venturing too far with both kids yet! On a spring-like day last week Christopher got started on the garden, which is now of course covered under several inches of snow. Ah well. Thinking about what things we want to plant this year makes me happy while the snow keeps falling. 


2 thoughts on “Back to Quiet

  1. I love your posts, Stephanie! Wonderful that you had such quality time together when Chris was home. Amazed to see work done on the garden. I thought the photos were from last year!

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