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Yarn Along: Little Things 

My mom just left for the airport, and that makes me sad, so I am consoling myself by writing a quick Yarn Along post while I have a minute. Knitting and reading have taken a backseat to a new small person in our house (more about that to come later!), but I’ve still read a few precious pages of Persuasion between all the little things that take up my days and nights right now. I do just love how Jane Austen portrays the relationship between Admiral and Sophy Croft. I’m trying to think of other older couples in her books, and wondering if theirs is the most positive marriage she portrays. The Crofts are not without their small idiosyncrasies, of course, but there is a great deal more mutual respect between them than, say, the Bennets or the Middletons. I haven’t read Mansfield Park or Northanger Abbey in a long time, so I can’t recall accurately the portrayal of older married couples in those books. But it’s something I hadn’t really noticed before. 

As to knitting, I decided that Bean’s baby doll needed some knitted items of her own, so I was halfway through inventing a little knitted vest out of leftover bulky wool when labour caught up to me on Sunday. I want to put one massive button in the front centre so she can practice her buttoning skills on it! Joining with Ginny’s Yarn Along as usual.  


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