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Yarn Along: Stashing and Planning

I’ve not actually got anything on the needles right now, having made a giant New Year’s stash-busting list of all the projects I need/want to knit and then being so divided as to where to begin that I haven’t started anything since finishing my last sweater! Instead, I have been working on a long-awaited birth announcement cross-stitch for Bean. It seems only fair that I try to finish that one before our next baby arrives, haha. Our local wool shop was having a new year’s sale this week. I stopped in after my midwife appointment and restrained myself to buying only three projects’ worth of new yarn, so now there’s that to plan for as well! I couldn’t settle into Little Women once I got past the initial Christmas-winter nostalgia chapters, so now I’m reading Persuasion and trying to have a little more staying power. Joining with Ginny’s Yarn Along today for more reading and knitting projects! 


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