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Making Traditions

Christopher used up the last of his vacation days for a long weekend before my family arrives for Christmas. Despite a lot of errand-running (finally bought an infant seat for baby-on-the-way), it was such a good decision to spend that time together, and it gave us the opporutnity to really focus on the Christmas traditions we want to have as our own little family. Most days we remember to turn over a new number on our Advent calendar, and every week Bean gets to choose and add another figure or two to the crèche scene Christopher made last year. Daddy and Bean went on a hike together to Ammonite Falls while Mummy had a wonderful pre-natal massage. Bean enjoyed the hike…for the most part…! The photos make it look like a wintry fairyland, or something from Narnia. And my proudest accomplishment so far has been making leckerli cookies, which are a traditional Swiss treat from Christopher’s Oma’s kitchen. My mom-in-law taught me the recipe last year, and this year I was determined to make them myself. Time will tell how they hold up – they get better as they “cure”, being full of honey, candied fruit peel, spices, and cherry brandy. Last on the tradition-making list was heading out to a Christmas tree farm to cut down our tree. This strange stretch of snowy weather had us almost believing we were somewhere in the Bulkley Valley again! 


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