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Snow and Knitting

It snowed! And stayed…the last photo I took just this morning, after having this snow for about a week now. I am learning that Nanaimo certainly has a different climate than Victoria. We drove down there on the weekend for a family get-together, and there was little if any snow past the Malahat summit. Then, coming back, it was like coming back to winter. Kind of fun, although the downside of this weather is that Christopher can’t use his bike in these icy conditions. Not that I have a long list of things to do outside the home…I’ve definitely been slowing down this past week, and spend as much time as I can knitting on the couch. It’s fun to do all these little projects for my babies – booties, a hat, mittens, and now boot socks. There are a few things left on my to-do list before Christmas, like finishing my rag garland (still can’t decide if it’s too rustic for my taste) and making leckerli cookies, but I’m trying to pace myself now for a well-rested finish before family arrives. 


4 thoughts on “Snow and Knitting

  1. No snow yet for us. The days are noticeably shorter, curtains drawn before 4 pm. Knitting very much my chosen activity once that has happened. More wooly goodies for my grandchildren!

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