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Yarn Along: Little Socks

I am once again distracted from my Fat Kitty Sweater (I only need to finish it in time for Christmas, so there’s no rush) by toddler socks! Once I finished my own Confetti Waffle Socks, I had to make mini ones with the leftover wool. Then those were so cute that I had to finally use the sock wool I bought a long time ago to make Bean another pair of little socks. As I near the end of these, I am already scheming about socks for this new baby, or maybe trying some booties? 

Loving The Secret Garden. Most of my reading happens in the twenty minutes before bed, and as I get more tired by the end of the day, this is just the right delightful read to fill those precious minutes without requiring too much focus! Just as I found myself increasingly interested in Marilla’s perspectives in Anne of Green Gables, I am noticing more about Susan Sowerby, Martha’s mother, in this read-through. I appreciate her Yorkshire common sense when it comes to parenting. 

Oh, and I need to make Bean mittens. Ones that stay on, preferably! Joining with Ginny’s Yarn Along, as usual. 


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