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Yarn Along: Fat Kitty Sweater! 

Ok, so after last week’s epic project completion post, I have been getting into two “selfish” projects that have been waiting for a while! My Confetti Waffle Socks just need a toe for the first one and then I am ready to cast on for the mate. Meanwhile, I have been mostly focusing on the Fat Kitty sweater that I making for the Bean for Christmas. I have a feeling it’s going to be huge for her, since I am making the 2T size, but better larger than smaller, I suppose. I finally learned the Magic Loop for this project (not as difficult as I was expecting) and am excited to learn intarsia once I get to the kitty pattern part. Moved on to reading Anne of Avonlea, although it’s in the same book so not all that exciting. Also still reading Changes in the Land when I need a different book. I finally blocked my Chalice Blanket so now it just needs a few extra items and I will put it in the mail for its Christmas baby recipient! Joining with Ginny’s Yarn Along, as usual. 


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