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Yarn Along – Confetti Waffle Socks

Last night I did an awkward thing – has anyone else ever had a similar experience? I was sitting on the floor during the prayer time at our small group gathering, and being close to the feet of the woman sitting next to me, I noticed her lovely hand knit socks. So when everything was over and people were making ready to leave, I turned to her and asked her if I could look at her socks. Like, take them off her feet and look at them. Weird? Maybe. I just wanted to see how the heel was turned, and how many stitches around they were…she was very gracious about it. Turns out her mom made them for her. She knits too, but hasn’t tried socks yet. 

Anyway, I’m interested in socks because I am knitting my second pair of adult socks with a proper heel. Last year I made lovely stripey ones, but I used needles that were too big and the socks are a little droopy. This time I’m hoping for a tighter, better-fitting sock, using the Blueberry Waffle Sock pattern, but modifying for fingering weight yarn. (Can I ever follow a pattern exactly as it is written? Apparently not.) I’m loving how this yarn from Log House Cottage is knitting up, and can’t wait to wear these proudly about town! Joining with Ginny’s Yarn Along as usual. 


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