My mum’s visit was a real boost to my crafting endeavours! I’ve finished and begun quite a few projects in the last two weeks. 

It’s so helpful and encouraging to have someone around to consult with a quick question when one is learning a new skill. After a first disastrous attempt at hemming a friend’s jersey dress, I had sworn off sewing with knit fabrics for a long time. (In the end, I tearfully returned it to her, and told her she should take it to a tailor, and apologize on my behalf for the mess I had made. I think she got it hemmed nicely in the end, but I felt badly for having been so wrong about my abilities.) However, I had found a bunch of fabric on great sale that I was determined to make into a maternity tunic, and was ready to try again, with my mum’s guidance. Of course, I had to make my own pattern for it, which added somewhat to the complexity of the project, but it gave me lots of opportunities to practice my sewing with knits! I wanted something comfy that I could still nurse in, hence the crossed-over front, with a moderately gathered skirt that could possibly work post-partum. Simple rolled hems everywhere except the skirt hem, which I made wider because I liked the way it looked. The armpits are a little baggy, but that’s ok because it keeps me from getting too sweaty! Here’s the finished product: 

Hot on the heels of that dress, and with the same material, I traced a simple 3T dress I got on sale from Old Navy for this pattern. It was a good review of all the steps involved with making a dress, and took a fraction of the time, which made it an enjoyable quick project. I especially like the pocket, but don’t look too closely at the rolled hems. I need more experience working with such tiny little hems!

While I was sewing, my mum very patiently finished hand-quilting the baby quilt I had started before the Bean was born. I had left off with one and a half rows of the triangles to quilt, and it had sat in a bin for the last year…until now! She finished the quilting, then showed me how to do a simple binding, and voila! It was done. It’s made from all the fabric leftover from our wedding bunting, which makes it extra special. Now I want to make another quilt…but I know that I probably shouldn’t right now, given all the other things I have on the go.

I just finished my Maile sweater yesterday, wove in the ends and put on the buttons. I’m not absolutely happy with how it turned out, but it’s done and that’s enough for me for now. My baby Chalice blanket is still waiting to be blocked. I should really do that this week…

My cousin Anneke brought me some beautiful sock wool from a local wool dyer in Ottawa, called Log House Cottage. It’s so fun, I just had to start some socks with it as soon as I could! I am modifying the Blueberry Waffle sock pattern for fingering weight yarn (it’s written for DK weight) and am loving it. It was a great project for the trip down to Victoria. Just starting the heel flap today! 

I also bought all the wool for a Fat Kitty Sweater for the Bean, from our local Nanaimo shop, Mad About Ewe. I’ll probably cast on that project this week, and keep it for my night-time knitting (when I have more focus and am better at reading patterns properly the first time!!). Pictures to come when I get started!


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