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It’s been a good two weeks of visits. My mum came for ten days, overlapping with my cousin and her son for a lovely albeit rainy weekend. Then Christopher’s parents stopped in on their way home from their European travels. (Don’t ask why the Bean is wearing a tea towel on her head in that photo…she’s been into funny things lately.) Finally, after dropping my mum off at the airport, we zipped down to Victoria for a quick visit.  The Bean was remarkably patient with all of the commotion, missed naps, and meals out, for which I was thankful. (It wasn’t until we got home that she was particularly difficult – definitely starting to test boundaries more now!) I am glad it’s November. I’m ready for grey days with a damp wind, nesting in the warmth and light inside, hot soups and cosy sweaters. 

PS – the first photos are of Bean dressed up as a Dufflepud. For anyone not familiar with the Chronicles of Narnia, these are endearingly silly dwarfs who only have one leg and one enormous foot – for which Dad’s big boot came in very handy! The sweater was knitted for my older sister by my great-Oma. It’s so nice to have those connections to family members long-past – I am glad my mum saved it all this time! I made the hat a long while back, and am glad it finally fits. 


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