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Catching Up

I feel like I have a lot to catch up on! It has been already over a week since we went to the Table Fall Camp on Thetis Island, getting back together with everyone from our church in Victoria for a weekend of fellowship, discussions about community, and all the fun that camp fosters. We also have an opportunity to visit with Christopher’s aunt Lynn, who lives next door to camp. Our Bean was immediately caught up in the wonderful whirlwind of other kids from the Table – she spent most of her time running back and forth with them in the dining and multipurpose rooms, or in the arms of her auntie Naomi and other friends. She loves signing for animals like birds and dogs, and recently Naomi taught her how to do a seal impression, clapping her hands together and barking. It’s her favourite thing to do before she goes to sleep, and sometimes the first thing she does when she wakes up. (It’s true – we were sharing a room with her for a few nights while away from home, and she would alert us to her wakeful state by barking to herself in her cot. What a silly Bean.) We babysat our God-daughter for the weekend, which was great fun. Hopefully it gave us some realistic preparation for having two kids. I’ve just heard someone describe the change to having more than one child as going on zone defense instead of man defense. It makes me laugh to think of it that way, but it seems so true.  

All the fall rain has raised the level of the Chase River, which runs below our building. We’ve been told that there are otters living along the banks there, and we saw evidence of their feasting on a recent wander down to the waterside. The salmon are running, although I haven’t seen any in the Chase yet, but there must be some there given the size of that fish skeleton! 

My cousin and her son were here for a few days, along with my Mum, who will stay with us until next weekend. It was fun to see Bean interacting with her second cousin, although like any toddler she isn’t very good at sharing her toys. 


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