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“Too tragical!”

I believe Anne of Green Gables is wearing off on me. But really, “too tragical” sums up well the way I’ve been feeling this week. Somewhat pathetic, but with enough self awareness to recognize some of that is just me being a bit overly dramatic. I think pregnancy hormones are partly to blame. And maybe the weather – since last weekend it’s been nothing but rain and clouds in the forecast. This morning there was a brief window of sunshine, which soon disappeared behind an overcast sky. I just managed to capture a few photos of the rather bedraggled garden. Last weekend Auntie Naomi came up for a visit, and we got something like 100 millimetres of rain, so most of our time was spent cosy inside. That was very cheering! And the next few weeks are full of things to look forward to – Christopher will be a little less busy, we have lots of company coming, and as always I have lots of knitting projects to keep me occupied through the dark grey days of fall. 

Also, for anyone who likes to look at old posts here on Taking Root, there has been a bit of a change. For several reasons, I’ve decided to take down all posts older than a year, and store them as PDFs elsewhere. I am working on getting set up with a link so you can still go back and look at the old posts if you want. I so appreciate those of you who visit, and hope this more minimalist approach doesn’t affect your enjoyment. As always, thanks for stopping by! 


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