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Yarn Along: Maile Sleeve Mods

I’m halfway through my third Maile sweater, but this time I’m doing something different about the sleeves. I found some helpful modifications suggested by Rue at Tinks and Frogs, so we’ll see how they go. I just have to finish the second sleeve then the fun of joining begins. (Sarcasm?) But after that is over the lace pattern is very engaging and will quickly draw me along towards finishing, I have no doubt. 

Anne of Green Gables is such a sweet, delightful book. I notice I am more interested in Marilla this time around – perhaps as I grow into a motherly role myself, I sympathize more with her? Joining with Ginny for Yarn Along this week. Hope you are keeping warm and cosy as October winds on!


5 thoughts on “Yarn Along: Maile Sleeve Mods

  1. Interesting observation about Marilla. I have been rewatching the movies and I remember thinking Marilla so stern and unmoving as a girl, and now I see her so differently and see so much tenderness. Also.. love what you’re knitting! 🙂

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