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Yarn Along: Scope for Imagination

After finishing Jane of Lantern Hill, I felt the need for more of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s PEI, so I pulled out my copy of Anne of Green Gables. It’s such a delightful read. And reading about Anne somehow makes me more appreciative and sympathetic towards the Bean’s goofy and energetic side, which is definitely coming out more and more these days. The only thing that bothers me about the cover of this book, though, is that the little girl in the picture has blonde hair – blonde! Did whoever chose the cover art even know what the story was about?? Part of me wants to colour it in with a red pen, just for my own sake.  

Still working away at my Chalice Blanket. I decided to keep knitting instead of pulling it out and adding more repeats to the pattern for extra width…hopefully I can convince it to be a little wider when I block it. I’ve drawn up a long list of knits for our family, now that the baby train has passed for the time being. Part of me wants to cast on something for the Bean before I finish my two last baby projects, but part of me knows I should power through what I have left before getting distracted by fun mittens and socks. Joining up with Ginny’s Yarn Along, only a day late!  


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