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What Next? 

This week has been full of projects. I realized on Thursday that I’d been waiting for the weekend so Christopher could do a few projects for me – hanging pictures, mostly, and changing a doorknob – but there was no reason that I couldn’t do them myself. I do know how to use a stud finder, after all. I canned 16 litres of apple cider early in the week, made from our apple trees, brought to a press in Coombs by our neighbours. All together there was 152 litres, which got divvied up between everyone who helped pick the apples. I’m intent on clearing out all the apple and pear scraps I’d put into the freezer, so yesterday I made two batches of jelly and I’ve got another bag of scraps simmering on the stove right now. Lesson learned from my first batches – don’t skimp the sugar, even if it seems like a ton. 

We’re getting the last of our fall seeds into the garden. I’m hoping there’s still time to get at least some baby spinach up before the frost comes. The kale has done marvellously, and our beets and Swiss chard are looking pretty good as well. They make up for all our tomatoes getting blight, most of them before they had a chance to produce. We finally pulled up all the uninvited Jerusalem artichokes that were shading out my Delicata squash plant. (Still not sure it’s going to mature in time.) And I’m going to try making them into pickles. For those who aren’t familiar with Jerusalem artichokes, also called sunchokes, they are like nutty mild potatoes, but contain inulin which can make you rather gassy…pickling apparently helps reduce those ill effects. 

We were discussing and praying over the idea of “What next?” at church this morning. It seems like a really helpful question to ask in prayer – what do you have for me next, God? Whether I’m in a settled place or a difficult one, it helps me posture myself to look ahead, to prepare for an upcoming challenge or to look forward in hope. So this week, I’m asking “what next.” And listening for what God answers. 


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