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Yarn Along: Fall Planning

Ok, so I am halfway into my first week using a new grown-up planner…I like it. I like writing down all my notes in one place, and having a to-do list to tick off each day. Although, to be honest, I also waste some time writing down unnecessary things, just because it’s fun to fill in all those boxes and blanks. Oops. Now all my planner needs is a specific project-planning page, just for knitting projects. I guess  Ravelry can serve that function, but I do like to make handwritten notes about things. 

This week, I’ve not got anything actually on the needles (although I did finish and give away my Maile sweater on the weekend), but the yarn store in Victoria was having a sale, so I stocked up for fall projects! I’m planning to make another Puerperium with the sea blue, perhaps another Maile with the navy, and a baby blanket with the beautiful blue-green wool – all gifts for babies arriving this fall. The butterscotch brown might end up as socks for me, or a sweater for our next baby. We’ll see. 

I am reading Michael Pollan’s The Botany of Desire, although I am hoping that this Friday at the library I can get a copy of Jon Krakauer’s Into Thin Air. I started reading it on the weekend but had to return to our AirBnb host before leaving – it’s too gripping to leave unfinished! 

Joining up with Ginny and the other Yarn Along wizards as usual! 


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