home life

Efficiency Rating: 60%

This past week I was feeling a little off. Not physically, maybe a bit more tired than usual. It felt more like I was operating at 60% efficiency, my brain felt sort of scattered throughout the day. Looking back now, I think I was having trouble adjusting to the new routine of September. Christopher’s on a new rotation, working longer days, and it takes a while for me to adjust my internal clock to the new rhythm. Maybe it’s also sinking in that we’ve moved here, that we’re not just visiting, and summer, with all its visitors and special activities, is at an end. The weekend involved a trip to Victoria; Christopher had a course and the Bean and I went along to visit with friends. Of course, my plans were greater than I could achieve – funky nights in a strange place made for a tired baby who needed naps but wouldn’t take them, so we missed a few visits we had hoped to make. I’d put her down, she’d be quiet for half an hour, and I would think she was asleep…then thump, thump, thump, I would hear the sound of her tossing all her bedtime things out of the play pen. Then some grousing, then finally she’d fall asleep, often with only forty minutes left before we had planned to leave again. Still, we did get some fun at the park in, a date night thanks to auntie Naomi, and a visit to the Table. Monday came all too soon, of course, but I’m newly determined to get some rhythm going in this season.  


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