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Island Adventures 

Last weekend we got away for a fun camping trip in Strathcona Park, near Buttle Lake, with some friends from Nanaimo. I think we’ve nearly resigned ourselves to the reality that the next few years we’ll mostly be car camping. Unless we leave the kids with grandparents, that is! The benefits of driving into a campground, of course, is that we can go on major day hikes with very little gear in tow, still getting up to places like Bedwell Lakes with the Bean in the hiking backpack. Once Baby Two (we’ve been calling her “Shrimpy”) comes along, we might be a little more encumbered. But as our friends proved, you can still hike with little ones, provided the five year old hikes most of the way on her own (what a trooper!) and you pack lots of snacks! 

Then this weekend we had friends visiting from Victoria, so we took the opportunity to explore a local hike, to Ammonite Falls. It was a pleasant walk, with a steep scramble at the end, but even our 7.5 months pregnant friend was gutsy enough to get down the rope-assisted slope to see the falls. 

I am reminded by both these adventures that we live in an incredibly beautiful place! I am looking forward to getting to know more of the area over the next two years. 


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