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One More Thing

Have you gotten the impression that I’ve been in a bit of a creative fever these past few weeks? Maybe it’s the second trimester, maybe it’s early nesting instincts, or maybe it’s just my Dutch farming roots showing through. In any case, it seems a loss to waste any of the fruit falling from the pear trees in the backyard, or to let our neighbour’s squash go to compost (she doesn’t like them), or pass up another box of cheap, fresh peaches from the Okanagan. I definitely try to lump tasks together right now – if I’m canning pears and have the water bath heated up, I might as well make a batch of peaches to follow, so as to make good use of all that hot water! Or the oven’s on for banana bread, so I might as well pull together a batch of muffins to go in afterwards. This approach has its downsides, like when I end up having too many things with delicate timing all needing attention at once (the famous non-jelling jelly incident of 2016, for example), or spend too long at tasks and end up with a crying child around my ankles, needing some quality time. But the weather is already turning cooler and wetter. Most of the pears have fallen, and I’ve sworn off buying peaches for the year (maybe). The season (and my growing bump) will soon lend itself to more knitting, sewing, reading – cozy indoor restful activities! Christopher’s mom and dad were with us last week, and a great help in getting some of these seasonal tasks done, as well as all the baby-minding. It’s good to have family around. Happy long weekend, everyone! 


2 thoughts on “One More Thing

  1. Stephanie, your creativity is inspiring! So wonderful. Gorgeous shots – I especially love the one of Joanne reading to Sophie. Thanks for all the beauty. Oh, and yesterday I saw your lovely little sweater and hat for wee Rya!

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