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I’ve been thinking a lot this week about my priorities, and realizing that sometimes things turn out to be less important than I first thought. Prime example: all my lofty plans to paint the apartment, and to recover our couches. Conceived in the first heady days of having a real home to nest in after the last year of being on the road, I have come to realize that those plans were perhaps a bit…unimportant? Not that it wouldn’t be pleasant, I acknowledge, to have better couches or at least have these ones covered in a nicer fabric, but when it comes right down to it I’ve decided it’s just not worth the money, time or worry for us right now. And although I still dream of a Pinterest-worthy off-white home that makes all of our eclectic furniture look a little more artsy, I’ve decided that this yellowy green colour is actually rather “gezellig”…maybe. And so, I breathe a sigh of relief and let those poorly-conceived dreams go. 

But do not fear, I still have many more dreams than I possibly fulfill or achieve. Each day becomes a weighing of what’s most important, and what unimportant but fun thing I can slip into a spare hour… Sewing a needle case for my knitting needles – not important, but certainly useful and very fun! Don’t look too closely or you’ll see I eyeballed the whole thing and some of my lines are bit wobbly. Mending two pairs of Christopher’s shorts and one pair of work pants – important, and desperately overdue. I missed the end of the blueberry season, and the blackberries are already waning, so my grand plans to freeze a ton of berries will have to wait til next year. However, I’ve been making pesto like a mad woman (Bean looks terrified every time I turn on the blender) and have grated and frozen a bunch of over-large zucchini for wintertime muffins. Peaches are next on the list, to be jammed and canned, hopefully. House chores get weighed in the mix as well – washing the diapers? Important. Vacuuming? Ah, it can wait yet another day. A little more dirt on the floor won’t hurt anyone. (Sorry Oma!) Watering the garden? Very important – I can’t wait to start harvesting in earnest! 

As a final bonus, this is our new favourite pancake recipe, from (what else?) my favourite cookbook, Simply In Season. I love love the texture that the soaked oats give them. So good, even without apples or berries (but put them in if you have them!). 


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