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Yarn Along: Baby Projects

First, the return to Yarn Along post! I haven’t actually taken up this project since getting back home, so all this knitting on my fourth Puerperium cardigan was done over Bean’s birthday weekend before we left for “out East.” I didn’t bring any knitting with me on that trip, due to a lack of organization and because I didn’t anticipate I would have that much time for knitting. There were a few brief moments that I wished I had brought some, but I definitely wouldn’t have pulled it out on any of our flights, that’s for sure! Even with a sleeping baby on my lap, it would have been too awkward to try and knit, then stuff it away when she woke up. Back to reading As for Me and My House – I’ll share my thoughts on it when I finish! Join us at Ginny’s blog for more Yarn Along projects. 

And since Yarn Alongs are all about creative pursuits and celebrating what people make, I also want to share the handiwork of two people to whom I attribute most of my creative gifts: my dear parents, who have been hard at work on behalf of their first grandchild’s first birthday. My father spent many nights crafting this very sturdy doll’s crib out of salvaged oak, which came apart to flat-pack in my suitcase (Doug-kea!). My mum made a little quilt to go with it (one inch squares!!), and the mattress and sheets will arrive later, as I couldn’t quite squeeze them into my suitcase on top of the crib. Also, my mum made several dresses, almost entirely out of recycled or stashed supplies – the dark blue on the right is from an old pair of my dad’s dress pants, and I used to have a dress in the same fabric as the blue flowered dress on the left! (Please do excuse the wrinkles from their suitcase travel.) I took a tour of the spare room that Mum has turned into a sewing studio, and saw a few previews of several projects to come – especially a sweet little coat for fall.

So as you can see, I come by my craftiness very honestly. Thank you, Mamu and Papu, for teaching your kids to be daring in our creativity, to try new things and persevere through projects, and to proudly share these gifts with those we love. 


One thought on “Yarn Along: Baby Projects

  1. Wow that crib is BEAUTIFUL!! What a lovely gift for your dad to make. It’s wonderful to have learnt such great skills from the generations that came before. I am truely thankful to my Gram and mum who taught me yarn craft.

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