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And on to Ontario

I’ve been feeling baby move a lot more in the last few weeks. My belly has also bumped – that is, it looks a lot less like a bunch of extra pizza and a lot more like there’s a baby behind it, which is gratifying, I’ll admit! I am thankful that I enjoy being pregnant, as I know it’s not everyone’s experience. I’m lucky not to have had to deal with (so far, anyway) many of the less pleasant pregnancy symptoms. (Oh yeah, minus the fatigue while we were traveling in June. But we know that was mostly self-inflicted?) It has been really hot and humid in southern Ontario this week, but not absolutely unliveable. It’s a been a good excuse to sit in the shady house and drink cold drinks and watch the Olympics. Mum and I drove up from Halifax on Wednesday and Thursday, stopping at Oma VB’s for coffee and lunch before heading on to Mum and Dad’s. We’ve recently discovered Cheerios as the ultimate combination of snack and distraction, which made Bean very happy for most of the drive. There was of course a poonami incident at one point (would it be a real road trip without one?), but thankfully we got her out and changed before it had spread too far or she had eaten any of it. Blech. I’m eager to get back to some crafting once we’re home again – Mum’s been sewing up a storm for Bean, which has inspired me to dust off my sewing gear and make a few small projects for around the house. Oh yeah, and that kid can climb!!  We were at a rest stop in Quebec and she decided she would climb on top of the picnic table without any help (although Mum stood by as her spotter) – I don’t know whether to be proud or worried about her monkeying…


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