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Halifax Vignettes

Whew! Hard to remember that it’s been just a week since we all traveled to Halifax for a dear friend’s wedding. There’ve been so many people to catch up with, family time to be had, Haligonian experiences to be shared – it’s felt like much longer than a week. For all of the eventfulness, I haven’t taken many photos. Actually, I feel like I’ve taken way fewer photos since Bean started walking. It’s enough just to keep up with her some days! Still, we took a few photos at the wedding in Avondale, at Peggy’s Cove, and Crystal Crescent Beach. My immediate family is spread right across the country, living in four different provinces, so taking the opportunity to gather when we can is so important to all of us. Christopher only got his vacation days confirmed a few weeks before the wedding, and flew home after the weekend was over, but having him there was incredibly meaningful to me, as well as our family. Even those few days were fertile ground for deepening family connections. Tomorrow Mum and I start our drive to Ontario, for a quick visit before Bean and I fly back home. I should go to bed in preparation for our early morning, but I can’t seem to drag myself away from the Olympics coverage…


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