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First Birthday 

 It’s been a lovely, busy, happy weekend. The Bean had several family guests to her first birthday, which was just what she likes – at this age she isn’t really aware of festivities in her honour, but she sure does love to hang out with fun and interesting people! We had aunties to stay from Victoria, family dropping by on Saturday, cousins to stay from Langley and England, and friends out from Calgary. I think she’ll be in visitor withdrawal all day today. 

Thursday was our building’s birthday potluck, where Bean had her first cupcake and candle. Do you like her birthday crown? I made it hastily before the potluck with hot glue, kitchen shears, and some fabric scraps. (I couldn’t find my fabric scissors.) We got her a bike seat and helmet for her birthday – although it’s really more of a gift for us than for her! Her first ride in it, just up and down the garden, was relatively successful, with the accompaniment of her new Baby (a birthday gift from Oma and Opa, who is now a near-constant companion.) Other festivities included a picnic at Westwood Lake, pancake breakfast (and presents, of course), and then another picnic at Bowen Park, and a peach gingerbread birthday cake. Although neither pair of grandparents were in town for the actual day, we’ll be seeing both of them within the next few weeks, and hopefully all these many photos help to ease the separation a bit until we are together in person! 

It’s impossible to ask our little Bean to bear the responsibility of representing all of the things we’ve learned about ourselves and about parenthood in the past year, but as I sat with her in the twilit dark of 6 am on her birthday, I was really struck with the very great privilege we have had of loving and knowing her through her first year of life. How precious, and how awesome, to be the great big world of this little one. We gathered in our living room for worship and prayer on Sunday morning, praying especially for this child, her growth in grace, knowledge, and health. It was deeply meaningful to me, that we were able to do that. I am so grateful today, for many things, and she is number one of the list! 


2 thoughts on “First Birthday 

  1. Yes I love the crown and I am grateful that you are now living at Cohousing with your beautiful family. Happy 1 year old Sophie. Many blessing & love xx

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