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Every good thing is growing right now – this silly Bean, our wonderful garden, my little belly… Seriously, since she started walking, the Bean seems so much older, definitely not my little baby any more!! Part of me is sad, that her babyhood is passing by, and another part of me is glad, that we can look forward to other things. (Like pulling the felts off of the bottom of the stool legs…I stopped typing long enough just now to take that photo.) Other new skills include escaping out the screen door if it’s left unlocked, opening cupboards, and unpacking the laundry basket. 

Getting our garden in was top priority in our first few weeks back. I think we just managed to plant the squash seeds in time, since two of them came up and are growing! Other crops include beets, lettuce, kale, and Swiss chard. The tomatoes and potato plants were volunteers – already growing in the box when we came to plant it – and we are looking forward to seeing what varieties they are when it comes time to harvest. I am so excited about all the growing things!! And a little relieved that it’s actually working…I was too shy to talk much about our garden at the beginning, until I actually had something to talk about. Thankfully Vancouver Island has a very forgiving climate for gardening. 

Other events of the past few days included a lakeside visit with little friends and a baby shower in Victoria. Photos below for all the grandparents and aunties! 


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