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On the Weekend

We had Christopher’s sister Steph here for the weekend, and her presence definitely encouraged a few more “adventures” than I would have been inspired to do just on my own. We went blueberry picking on Friday, at a local u-pick in Cedar, then for lunch and thrifting in Ladysmith. The Bean is totally happy to eat blueberries by the handful when we are picking, either from the bush or from the bucket, but for some reason she doesn’t eat them when I give them to her at home. She’ll bite them in half and spit them back out – maybe a texture thing? She’s definitely being more picky about food now, which tries my patience. Where has our baby gone who would eat everything?? I didn’t get many photos of our picnic and swim at Westwood Lake, mostly because by the time I ran to get the camera Bean was done being in the water (you can see it on her face!). Still, it was a good first lake experience for her – we’ll be back for more soon. 

I also got Steph to take some photos of my finally-finished Cranberry Pine sweater, so I can finally update my Ravelry notes and call it done! With this second baby I feel like my belly is way further ahead than my first pregnancy, but this photo makes it look even larger because we had just made (and eaten) several giant pans of pizza. Delicious! We tried putting roasted beet on one, with feta and bacon – it might just be my new favourite. 

Last week a friend and I ventured over to IKEA in Richmond to pick up some items for our homes. I have been trying to just buy second-hand furniture and dishes for our place but some things like good carpets are nearly impossible to find, so we decided to get a few things new. Suddenly, with the addition of a carpet and some shelves, the place begins to feel like home! It feels good to have the family photos up, and I’m already scheming about adding more. 


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