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Yarn Along: For the New One

I’ve taken up my knitting again (I had to dig through a closet to find all of my stuff) and am working on another Puerperium Cardigan. It’s such a happy thing to knit, probably mostly because my thoughts are full of babies when I am working on it. This one isn’t for my baby gift stash, however – it’s for us. Or, rather, for our new baby, due in January! I bought the mulberry silk/merino yarn on a whim last Christmas, because I loved the rich emerald colour and beautiful soft silky texture. When thinking about what to knit for this new baby, it seemed like the perfect yarn for a nearly-Christmas arrival. I have great plans for household makeover projects once I get my sewing machine back (hooray for the second trimester energy surge!), but for now it suits me to have a little project for sunny afternoons. 

I am nearly done The Portrait of a Lady – I forgot how much of the book takes place after her marriage (spoiler!). Not sure what I’ll start after this is done. Bean is getting excited about books now, and loves to look through her board books, and “flip” through any paperback she can drag off of the bookshelf. 

What are you working on right now, knitting or otherwise? Visit Ginny’s Yarn Along gathering to see what other crafty people are up to! 


4 thoughts on “Yarn Along: For the New One

  1. Hi Stephanie,

    Congratulations! When your mom asked me if I had read your latest “Taking Root” I thought there must be something special in it. Sure enough, a new baby on the way! I am so happy for you. Have you been feeling O.K. since you were camping in Iceland? Also all the flying you did since then.

    This time the baby is due in winter although the weather is not as cold on Vancouver Island as it is in Ontario. You must be looking forward to see your parents and Cam and Adi in four weeks or so. Christopher is now working in the local hospital and that should be very interesting for him. Last week your Mom spent three days with me and we had a very nice time together. Too bad time always goes so fast.

    Once again congratulations to both of you. I always read the “Taking Root” messages with much interest. I hope you can keep them coming.

    Greetings, love from Oma van Brenk

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